Optimize your Immune System with Chaga Mushroom protection against Coronavirus and other pathogens


February 20, 2020

Natural medicine, in particular those derived from trees has been used as both food and healing for thousands of years.  The potency of natural medicine is much broader in its healing powers than any other pharmaceutical drug.  A fact well known long before the advent of modern medicine that has been sorely neglected. 

The far northern forests of Russia, Europe and in particular North America are regions which host some of the most potent, reliable medicines in the world.  The harsh https://www.annandachaga.com/pages/northwestern-ontario-chaga are a source of natural medicines which are equally as valuable as the ones found in the deep tropical ones.  It is the harsh cold climate which encourage the creation of powerful protective phyto-nutrients that can have a profound effect on our health and longevity.  In order for the Chaga mushroom and Birch tree to survive in harsh climates massive amounts of sterols and the enzyme superoxide dismutase are required.  

A few of the noteworthy sterols found within Chaga and Birch trees are lanosterol, lupeol, inotodiol, betulin and betulinic acid.  The sterol lanosterol is a cholesterol like molecule which is anti-viral and chaga is the only tree based mushroom which contains rich amounts of it.  Studies have shown that when chaga is grown artificially in vats or on other medium the lanosterol content drops over 10 fold.  This emphasizes the fact that there is no way to duplicate the medicinal properties and natural chemistry which can only be created by nature.

Considered one of the more potent sterols within Chaga are the triterpenes Inotodiol, lupeol, betulin and betulinc acid.  A waxy lipid which is vital to building healthy cell membranes making healthy cell walls flexible and diseased ones brittle. Triterpenes also help to destroy tumor cells by producing molecular oxygen which help to immunize cells against cancer, viruses and foreign pathogens.  Steroid like molecules made of carbon rings with a large amount of oxygen, triterpenes are some of the largest most complex biological molecules known.  Because they are so large they are difficult to absorb.  This is one of the reasons why Chaga must be emulsified or 'extracted' so that they become readily absorbed.  

Chaga and birch are also very rich in the biologically active and potent immune potentiator beta glucan.  A mushroom polysaccharide which not only fortifies the immune system but helps to normalize it so the immune system can operate optimally.  Considered by Russian researchers to be the best defense against cancer and viral infections.  Beta glucan can be taken on an empty stomach with some success, however when combined with a health fat like organic butter or cheese, extra virgin olive oil, nut oil/butter or organic whole milk this greatly aids in its absorption. link